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Coming soon, we plan to offer discussion forums for the topic of Digital Photography, as an art, a hobby, and a profession. Perhaps even a photo gallery to show off your best works. Check back often!
digital a little history lesson.

Back in the late '80s and early '90s, long before we had an "Internet", primitive computer systems communicated with other computers over dial-up telephone lines. The hosts of such systems were called Bulletin Board Services, PhotoBBS used to be known then as the Photographers Network BBS. The name was shortened with the advent of the Internet (, as the full name was quite a mouthful.

The Photographers Network BBS operated for almost a decade, first over the slow dialup modem (300 baud vs today's common speeds of 3,000,000 bps), then over the Internet as that gained popularity. Even though digital photography did not exist in the early days, the digital scanner had made its appearance and many photographers were scanning their images and sharing them as GIF and JPG image files.

The BBS, unfortunately, became obsolete as communication speeds increased, and the Photographers Network BBS finally shut down. However, the information from the old days (when "film" was still being used in photography) still applies to our newer digital SLR and other cameras.

A message sharing forum will soon appear on this site, bringing the old Photographers Network BBS into the new digital era.

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